Basecamp 4 Feature Request: One on One Check-ins

Update as of 4/30 – I will no longer be using Basecamp, but will be leaving this post up.

I’ve been following a variety of Hey World blogs, and one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed is Nathan Sykes’s. A week or so ago, he put out a post with a feature request for Basecamp 4, and I was inspired to write something of my own.
Like hundreds of thousands of folks around the globe, I enjoy the software Basecamp puts out. I’m sure you know, but the tool you’re reading this on, Hey World, was built by them. They plan on launching Basecamp 4 at some point in 2022, and it’s hard to think what more they could add; it’s already such a good product. There is one feature I think would be beneficial to a variety of users—individual check-ins.

Right now, Basecamp has an excellent check-in feature that allows you to set up automated questions within Teams or Projects. For example, you could ask if anyone has tips for their teammates, what they’ve been reading, etc. There are a few issues with this. The first and more minor is that sometimes there’s no central pattern among those you collect answers from. Maybe you are getting responses from your directors of Marketing, Customer Success, and Finance, and the only project/team they are all in is your HQ. This isn’t a big deal because there’s an easy solution around this — create a team called something like “Noah’s Direct Reports” and get rid of all of the tools but Automatic check-ins (and maybe a calendar). It may be a bit bare, but it’ll get the job done.

The second issue is a bit more serious — some questions are just more personal. Perhaps it’s an HR question, or maybe you have a team member working on a confidential project you don’t yet want others in the org. exposed to, but you need a weekly progress report as not all progress is logged in Basecamp. Currently, you’d need to reach out proactively or have them sent you a weekly report via email or Campfire. A simple feature could help streamline that. 

Ultimately there may not be significant demand for a feature like this one, but I thought I’d throw it out there. No matter what Basecamp 4 holds, I’m excited to experience the changes!