Don’t start with Facebook ads

Happy Sunday! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on traffic, especially when you are just starting. Just a heads up before we start, though. I understand traffic and have been hands-on with it historically, but I’m by no means an expert. I like to focus on the overarching strategy, and while I am at times involved with the bells and whistles, it’s not my specialty. Let’s get right into it.

Traditionally, folks will tell you to start with Facebook Ads and scale – maybe branch out to Youtube Ads or affiliates eventually. On the surface, this sounds like good advice, and often time it is. But for many companies, there’s a better way.

With Facebook Ads, you run interruption-based advertising, meaning your customers aren’t seeking out your service; you’re coming to them. Their algorithm is so good that it may be exactly what you need, but generally, targeting and getting your potential customer’s attention isn’t easy.

When starting something new, I try to avoid interruption-based advertising altogether (with the exception of retargeting ads). Instead, I like to be right in front of the customer when they are actively seeking out a solution to their problem, which we can solve. The easiest way to do this is through Google pay-per-click ads. Think about it; if someone is seeking a solution to their problem that your service can solve, they’re essentially a warm customer. The pitch is easier, and there’s less work when it comes to the ad creative. Plus, you’ll probably end up paying less to acquire the customer.

The problem? It’s probably not that scalable. Although this depends on your product, market size, and industry, at a certain time, you’ll max out how many people are looking up keywords you rank for. You can consistently keep spending, but there’s minimal room for growth and increases in your budget. That’s when I’d start exploring additional traffic sources. Still, hopefully, before that point, you’ll have perfected your message (which may change a little bit with colder traffic) and acquired some customers at a lower cost.

I know this isn’t a foolproof plan and is relatively simple, but for most, it’s a better approach than starting with Facebook Ads. It’s what I do, and I’d recommend you do too.